You are what you eat!

It all started with sharing the homemade dumplings called "Pierogi's" with friends and family, who were the ones who inspired us to turn our hobby into a business. And what a great idea - what's better than doing something that we love and that makes others happy at the same time!?

We make our food with high quality ingredients that are close to identical to those we know from 

Poland. We also integrate as many local ingredients as possible, which includes herbs and vegetables that we grow ourselves, as well as meat from our local butcher.

We believe in sharing our tradition, but also adding a little modern twist that can satisfy everyones palettes.


The Rogi Shoppe is one of a kind place with authentic homemade pierogi's in Connecticut. We make our pierogi's based on recipes that have been in our family for centuries - true traditional Polish cuisine that we are now proudly sharing with YOU!

Pierogi's originated in Eastern Europe and their history stretches over hundreds of years.

They are made with a light, thin dough that is substantial enough to hold the filling without dominating the whole dumpling. The fillings are made with fresh, high quality vegetables, cheeses and free range meat, all seasoned with our own mix of cracked pepper, salt and light spices to accentuate the flavors.

The pierogi's are handmade after our old traditional Polish recipes. They are served with a wide variety of accompaniments, such as sauteed onions, smooth sour cream or crispy bacon crumbles. 


So come on out, find our truck or shoppe and see (taste) for yourself!




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