Traditional Potato & Cheese

6pc/$10.00   8pc/$12.00


Kraut & Mushroom  6pc/$10.00   8pc/$12.00

Potato & Cheddar  6pc/$10.00   8pc/$12.00

Spinach & Cheese  6pc/$11.00   8pc/$13.00

 Pork                          6pc/$11.00    8pc/$13.00

Steak & Cheese       6pc/$11.00   8pc/$13.00


Refer to Facebook & Instagram for rotating special Pierogi

Limited Availability



1st Topping is included


Bacon $.50


Hot Kraut (VG) $.50


Sour Cream $.25

Tzatziki $.50

Sauteed Onion (VG) $.25


Apple Sauce $.25


Kielbasa & Sauer Kraut with your choice of 3 Pierogi

+$1 for pork or spinach & 3 cheese pierogi




We use locally soured kelbasa from Martin Rosol's in New Britain, CT



Mixed Greens(VG) 

With House Balsamic Honey Dressing 




Summer Slaw(VG) 

Crisp and refreshing, Vinegar & Olive Oilbased Slaw




Carrot & Horseradish 

Fresh shredded carrots & horseradish and a sour cream based dressing




Coke & Sprite




Poland Spring Water




Tymbark (VG) 

Fruit drinks imported from Poland

Apple Mint, Apple Cherry, Apple Peach, Apple Raspberry Mint, Cactus Apple Lime, Mango Mint, Orange Peach